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Sonnet I – Jacob T. Reilly

I previously posted my most recent sonnet, Sonnet XXXV (I suppose 9 months ago isn’t very “recent,” but nonetheless it is the last sonnet I have written). Below is my first sonnet, and really the first poem I ever wrote. Written for my wife almost 5 years ago, my best friend and now brother-in-law, John […]


How like the Moon am I, how like the Moon. With all the world betwixt the Sun and me I shone in single splendor: fair and free. But all my light came from a distant noon That I could not yet see for all its flame. Too slowly Time did fate us for to meet […]

A Whispered Call

A whispered call, no more, to serve my God Within the Sacred Body of His Son. Shall I in quiet cloister Glory nod, Or bless his flock whene’er the mass is done? Am I the hands to heal or knees to kneel, The tongue to tell or feet to follow fast, His triumph, majesty and […]