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Be God propitious to this drinker

I was doing a little reading when I came across the story of St. Columbanus, and he is awesome. Allow me to just list some of cool miracles. Miracles: He destroyed a vat of beer being prepared for a pagan festival by breathing on it. To obtain food for a sick brother monk, he cured the wife of the donor. Once when […]

The War on Infants

The March for Life Today is the annual March for Life. Since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was passed, and abortion made legal, our country (U.S.A) has suffered the loss of over 50,000,000+ children in the womb. The logic behind legalizing such an evil was hinged upon the notion that science could not prove that […]

How to Pray the Chotki

Some of you may remember a while back, I wrote a post on how to pray the rosary: here. However, today I want to give my two cents on how to pray the chotki. Oh you don’t know what a chotki is? Well let me try to help you out there! History It is a […]

Unto the Altar of My God

This is a story of a man’s journey, of my own journey, towards God. It will be told in parts, so the reader can experience it in a way that doesn’t promote boredom. Since this is a true story, the names of some of the people involved have been changed, so as not to praise […]

To Conceive a Horror For All the World Loves and Values

We can often forget just how at odds the world is with the message of Christ. We try to live our lives halfway following the world and halfway following Jesus. For many of us, it is a daily struggle to detach ourselves from the ways of the culture and give all to God. We need […]

Heroin Addict Prays to God for a Miracle – Watch What Happens

Quite an amazing account here … How generosity of heart changes lives for the good of all.

To Mars

The drum, the drum, the drum plays on. In rage And greed and lust it’s calling out the guns. What history is writ without the page Besprinkled with the blood of countless sons? And names they had, forgotten now, but names That blazed like sunrise in the distant East. O Mars, look e’en today: The […]