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Pentathlon of the Muses

With the start of the Olympics, in Sochi, today I find it appropriate to mention a little known fact. In its early days, the modern Olympic Games, from 1912 to 1948, hosted art competitions. The competitions were part of theoriginal intention of the Olympic Movement’s founder, Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. The idea was to have […]

A Poetic Essay in a Style Distilled from the Collective Ideas of Shakespeare Pope Eliot Browning Barrett-Browning Keats and Dunne on the Aristotelian and Thomastic Concept of Being Applied (With Occasional Frivolousness) to a Number of Physical and Metaphysical Realities within the Sum of all Existence

“I do not think there is anyone who takes quite such a fierce pleasure in things being themselves as I do. The startling wetness of water excites and intoxicates me: the fieriness of fire, the steeliness of steel, the unutterable muddiness of mud. It is just the same with people…. When we call a man […]

Bricks and Mortar: Your Mind

Bricks and Mortar (Reason and Faith) In the year 1637, René Descartes wrote the famous phrase “Cogito ergo sum”  or in English “I think, therefore I am.” (French: Je pense, donc je suis), found in part IV of his Discourse on the Method. This phrase in turn has helped earn him the title of the […]

Temet Nosce

“Temet Nosce” – Socrates