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Refining the Crudeness of Symbolism: An Analysis of William Carlos Williams’ “The Rose”

Dear all, I encourage you to read the following poem by William Carlos Williams, “The Rose,” published in his book Spring and All in 1923. Then take a good look at the 1914 painting “Flowers” by the cubist painter, Juan Gris, which you will find directly after the poem. Having done that, you will be prepared […]

Merry Christmas

A letter to ALL: Dear Reader, God, He is ineffable, inconceivable, invisible and incomprehensible. Through-out our prayer, in the pew or in our room, we should reflect on God being truly indescribable and unspeakable, unable to be thought of, unable to be seen and unable for a human to completely take in or comprehend the […]

There is a looking glass beyond the sea

There is a looking glass beyond the sea That shows her subject many secret things, The things that are, the things that yet may be, And memories from long forgotten springs. Go looking for this mirror if you dare; It’s hidden underneath a castle wall. Go look indeed at beauties, rich and fair. But don’t […]

The Midas Touch

What to remember from the video: Everything you do is for Christ. There is no grey area.  Things are either are wrong or right. Make sure you are with Christ, and you will be right. Know, love and serve God in all your thoughts, words, deeds and omissions.

Fools For Christ: Part I of II

One day, while walking down the streets of Cuajimalpa, Mexico, after a long day at work, my roommate and I had gone to the market. We had just finished buying some mangos and apples, and decided to change up our normal diet of tacos and salsa, so we got some pizza. As we stood in […]

Apologetics – Jacob T. Reilly

Apologetics “I’m sorry for the words I used.” His apology for what he’d done was one of adultery. In it, the realization of words as the constant cleaving of this from to that, he and she, came in the form of genesis. Her exodus from the room was not without assurance Of return, but what […]

A Gallery of Memories: Portrait One

A Gallery of Memories: Portrait One And there we, lovers, were and candles too With shadows flirting, skirting flickering lights. A Caravaggio – caliginous – Yet with the subject hidden out of sight.                Wand’ring the mind at night through painted halls. Darkness devoid of distraction – tenebrism – With candles cornered far enough away Perfects […]