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7 Things You Didn’t Know about St. Valentine’s Day

1. The Romans Might Have Been the first.  In Ancient Rome, the festival of Lupercalia was from February 13th to 15th to celebrate the start of spring and the fertility of the earth. It was in 494AD that Pope St. Gelasius I abolished this pagan festival and replaced it with a Feast of Purification. Which historians believe was […]

Catholic Brew

Beer holds a venerable place in our Catholic history, with some of the greatest breweries in the world being founded and run by Catholic monks. —Catholic Beer Review The name catholicbeer means “universal beer,” and also is a fun homage to the ones to whom all beer drinkers are indebted, the Catholic monastic Orders who […]

The Epiphany Mystery

As its name suggests, the Epiphany had its origin in the Eastern Church. The first reference about which we can feel certain is by St. Clement of Alexandria (Stromata I.21.45), who writes: “There are those, too, who over-curiously assign to the Birth of Our Saviour not only its year but its day, which they say […]

An Atrean Femicide – Jacob T. Reilly

          An Atrean Femicide “Make me a Hercules,” the popstar sang Trusting to synthesizers, radio, Mixing, mastering, engineers, sound booths In isolation, and of course Disney’s Digital animation, for rhetoric Or possibly just catchiness, Circe’s, Sirens’ song. “I was meant to be a warrior,” A crooning Clytaemnestra, she mouthed the mic Like a harlot her lipstick. […]