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To Smoke A Pipe and Worship God

In many Christian communities residing on this earth pipe smoking has always and continues to be appreciated for the benefits it brings to moments of relaxation, conversation, and mental clarity. The Holy Smokers It is no surprise that because of this demonization of tobacco many are hesitant to smoke or even think of tobacco without […]

The Gentlemen vs the Joe Shmoe

So yesterday I came across a wonderful post by the Fierce Gentlemen, I tweeked it a bit and thought that I might share his “ten points of What makes a Gentlemen” with you all. I hope you enjoy. God Bless. He takes care of his physical appearance & style. No matter what industry he is in, […]

No Cross, No Crown: Part II The Mental

Mental Toughness Mental toughness can boil down to how you respond to stress. Do you start to panic and lose control, or do you zero in on how you are going to overcome the difficulty?  “World-class endurance athletes respond to the stress of a race with a reduction in brain-wave activity that’s similar to meditation. […]

O Sweet Daughter of Jupiter

I was walking in a forest so deep where I could not even see the stars. I could hear animals howling as the wind picked up speed. Suddenly, I felt something touch me. I turned back and saw a woman. She was clothed in white. Her hair was so light a shade of blonde, it […]