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Spelunking – Jacob T. Reilly

     Spelunking Give me amnesia. Lifeis lived in the forgetting, notas that sage man, in the world’s youthonce thought, in remembrance.The world’s a cave, into whichthe entering is all the differenceand not the emergence fromas I once thought.It’s what we make of darkness, notas a space for us to bring the light,but as a […]

A Gallery of Memories: Portrait One

A Gallery of Memories: Portrait One And there we, lovers, were and candles too With shadows flirting, skirting flickering lights. A Caravaggio – caliginous – Yet with the subject hidden out of sight.                Wand’ring the mind at night through painted halls. Darkness devoid of distraction – tenebrism – With candles cornered far enough away Perfects […]