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Evangelization in the Modern World-Part II: The Means

Evangelization in the Modern World  Part Two: The Means  In the first part of Evangelization in the Modern World, we looked at how each Catholic is called to evangelize in their own way. This universal call to evangelization can only be taken up after a response to the universal call to holiness, for everyone is […]

To Smoke A Pipe and Worship God

In many Christian communities residing on this earth pipe smoking has always and continues to be appreciated for the benefits it brings to moments of relaxation, conversation, and mental clarity. The Holy Smokers It is no surprise that because of this demonization of tobacco many are hesitant to smoke or even think of tobacco without […]

The Equality of Good in Being

“One thing must always be better than the other” The statement is an interesting one. If you have two different objects, or persons, must one be better than the other? The answer can be found fairly simply by looking at man and woman. Two completely different beings, yet most certainly equal in the eyes of […]

To Conceive a Horror For All the World Loves and Values

We can often forget just how at odds the world is with the message of Christ. We try to live our lives halfway following the world and halfway following Jesus. For many of us, it is a daily struggle to detach ourselves from the ways of the culture and give all to God. We need […]

A Catholic Gentleman’s Manifesto

A Catholic Gentleman’s Manifesto: We first strive to remain faithful and loyal to Our Holy Mother Church, the Mystical Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Magisterium, the Vicar of Christ, and the One Triune God. We strive to know, love and serve Christ in all of our thoughts, words, deeds and omissions. The Pint, […]

Know Your Mother Church

Today is the feast of St. Josaphat of Polotsk, and not only in the Latin Churches but also in the Eastern. He died trying to bring part of the Orthodox Church into union with Rome. So in Celebration here is a Run Down of the History of your Mother Church: In the year 33 A.D., Jesus […]

The Symphony

Recently I have been listening to the Buddhist British philosopher Allan Watts, and I came across a quote of his. One day when he was asked what surprised him most about humanity, he answered, “Man…. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he […]