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The Devout Life

An Introduction to the Devout Life”, is a work intended to lead “Philothea”, the soul living in the world, into the paths of devotion, that is to say, of true and solid piety. Every one should strive to become pious, and “it is an error, it is even a heresy”, to hold that piety is incompatible with any state of life. In the first part the St. […]

To Conceive a Horror For All the World Loves and Values

We can often forget just how at odds the world is with the message of Christ. We try to live our lives halfway following the world and halfway following Jesus. For many of us, it is a daily struggle to detach ourselves from the ways of the culture and give all to God. We need […]

Facebook Benedictam

Facebook came out in the year of our Lord 2004, and now it has consumed the personal data of over 1 billion people on God’s green earth. Just so you can get a full idea of the impact that social media is having on our world take a minute to watch this video: The key […]

The Theological Virtues: Hope

An Exert from Friends of God by Saint Josemaria Escriva. Numbers 210 – 213. “God did not create us to build a lasting city here on earth, because ‘this world is the way to that other, a dwelling place free from care’. Nevertheless, we children of God ought not to remain aloof from earthly endeavours, for God […]

iOS7 Feminine? Man Up!

As an apple user, yesterday I joined thousands of people in upgrading from iOS6 to iOS7 for my iPad 3rd Generation. However, before I upgraded, I did a little research. In this, I ended up finding the blogger Jim Lynch, who said that the iOS 7 was “an Estrogen-Addled Mess Designed for 13 Year Old […]