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See The Faith: Apocalypse

I completed this 23×30 Apocalypse in egg tempera at the end of 2013. Originally posted on my facebook page, the different descriptions are presented here in full. This work is divided into three conjoined paintings, each depicting a different state: heaven, earth, and hell. The first painting (top) shows Christ as the image of the Father […]

Flames of Divine Love

The Flames of Divine Love  The Fire Kindled:  In Exodus 3:2-4, we read of Moses’ miraculous encounter with the burning bush:  “The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know about St. Valentine’s Day

1. The Romans Might Have Been the first.  In Ancient Rome, the festival of Lupercalia was from February 13th to 15th to celebrate the start of spring and the fertility of the earth. It was in 494AD that Pope St. Gelasius I abolished this pagan festival and replaced it with a Feast of Purification. Which historians believe was […]

The Don

St. Don Bosco (John Bosco), was an Italian Roman Catholic priest of the Latin Church, educator and writer ofthe 19th century. At the age of nine, Don Bosco had the first, great dream which marked his entire life. He saw a multitude of very poor boys who play and blaspheme. A Man of majestic appearance told him: With meekness and […]

One of the Most Rational Men to Have Lived

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, author of the Summa Theologica, and arguably one of the most rational and precise men that ever lived. A philosopher and theologian St. Thomas Aquinas was born circa 1225 in Roccasecca, Italy. Combining the theological principles of faith with the philosophical principles of reason, he ranked […]

Be God propitious to this drinker

I was doing a little reading when I came across the story of St. Columbanus, and he is awesome. Allow me to just list some of cool miracles. Miracles: He destroyed a vat of beer being prepared for a pagan festival by breathing on it. To obtain food for a sick brother monk, he cured the wife of the donor. Once when […]

The Devout Life

An Introduction to the Devout Life”, is a work intended to lead “Philothea”, the soul living in the world, into the paths of devotion, that is to say, of true and solid piety. Every one should strive to become pious, and “it is an error, it is even a heresy”, to hold that piety is incompatible with any state of life. In the first part the St. […]