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The Gorgeous Dead – Jacob T. Reilly

               The Gorgeous Dead           A Poem for My Brother Peter When the air cuts you quick like Orion’s sword, Flickering, gleaming, brightly brandished stars, Hunt  the rimed heavens for Venus then Mars, Bodies that blaze in teeming crystal hordes Of Boreas, for if you stay awake And vigilant for long enough at night, The mortified blades, […]

Merry Christmas

A letter to ALL: Dear Reader, God, He is ineffable, inconceivable, invisible and incomprehensible. Through-out our prayer, in the pew or in our room, we should reflect on God being truly indescribable and unspeakable, unable to be thought of, unable to be seen and unable for a human to completely take in or comprehend the […]

Christmas Presents to Bestow

Last night the Catholic Gentlemen posted on his blog a guide to buying Christmas gifts for that Catholic Gentleman in your life.  In light of this I think I would like to add some items to the list. I have divided my list into some categories: Weaponry/Utility, Clothing, Books and Luxury. If you have suggestions, just send […]

Beervent Calendar aka The Advent Beerlendar

When you were a kid, you looked forward to getting that advent Calendar on the days before Christmas. Taking each day just one chocolate at a time. Yet alas, you are not a kid anymore. But does that mean you cannot partake in the joys that come with patiently waiting every day of December for […]


Ladies and Gents, we are proud to announce that The Catholic Dormitory will be posting youtube videos. We will talk about the drink, the song, the smoke, and most importantly the Cross. Life is all about the sanctifying of all things that we do. Finding the mean between vice and vice. Learning how to use […]