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See The Faith: Apocalypse

I completed this 23×30 Apocalypse in egg tempera at the end of 2013. Originally posted on my facebook page, the different descriptions are presented here in full. This work is divided into three conjoined paintings, each depicting a different state: heaven, earth, and hell. The first painting (top) shows Christ as the image of the Father […]

Evangelization in the Modern World-Part Three: The Edge

Evangelization in the Modern World-Part Three: The Edge The universal call to evangelization (as explained in the first part of this series), must be preceded by a fulfillment of the universal call to holiness. The second part focused on the means, especially the modern means, by which we can bring others to Christ. The purpose […]

Evangelization in the Modern World-Part II: The Means

Evangelization in the Modern World  Part Two: The Means  In the first part of Evangelization in the Modern World, we looked at how each Catholic is called to evangelize in their own way. This universal call to evangelization can only be taken up after a response to the universal call to holiness, for everyone is […]

To Smoke A Pipe and Worship God

In many Christian communities residing on this earth pipe smoking has always and continues to be appreciated for the benefits it brings to moments of relaxation, conversation, and mental clarity. The Holy Smokers It is no surprise that because of this demonization of tobacco many are hesitant to smoke or even think of tobacco without […]

Christmas Facts

20 Christmas Traditions & Facts The Christmas tree was not originally a Christmas Tradition. It was first an ancient practice where people brought evergreens into their home, during the Winter Solstice, as part of celebrating the future ‘greening’ of plants in the Spring. The first person to put lights on a Christmas Tree was most likely […]

Facts about St. Ambrose

The Following is taken from Catholic.Org At 33 Ambrose had it all – a successful career as a lawyer, an important position as governor of Milan, the approval and friendship of the emperor, and a large estate. Then the bishop of Milan died. At this time, about 374, heresies threatened to destroy the Church. The bishop had supported the Arian heresy that argued […]

Married Priests

Before I begin this post I would like to lay down the ground work and say that what I am about to discuss isnotdogma nor doctrine but merely discipline; and thus it is completely acceptable to engage in conversation. Archbishop Pietro Parolin supported this in an interview which got some coverage from NBC, Patheos, The National Catholic Register, and other […]