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To Smoke A Pipe and Worship God

In many Christian communities residing on this earth pipe smoking has always and continues to be appreciated for the benefits it brings to moments of relaxation, conversation, and mental clarity. The Holy Smokers It is no surprise that because of this demonization of tobacco many are hesitant to smoke or even think of tobacco without […]

Featured Authors: Part I

I have decided that it would probably be beneficial to post good authors, their brief biographies and then add links as to where one can find their works. Hopefully, this will help anyone reading be inspired to pick up a good book, and/or right one. God love you all, and please and enjoy. – The […]

C.S. Lewis: My Life’s Journey

David Payne stars in this one-man play recalling the life and times of C.S. Lewis. Presented as part of the “Let There Be Light Series”. Read: Mere Christianity HERE

Happy 50th C.S. Lewis [R.I.P.]

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis. Let us recall and keep his salvation in our prayers. The Guardian has an excerpt from a never before seen essay on truth and fiction titled “Image and Imagination”. The hand-written essay was rescued from a fire at the Lewis home and is now included in a […]

Noise: Satan’s Hammer

There are key strategies of indirect attack that the enemy of our souls uses to significantly disrupt our spiritual progress. One is the corruption of human sexuality. As the analogy of holy spousal love is one of the most effective in understanding divine intimacy, the enemy desires to corrupt human sexuality in order to further […]