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See The Faith: Apocalypse

I completed this 23×30 Apocalypse in egg tempera at the end of 2013. Originally posted on my facebook page, the different descriptions are presented here in full. This work is divided into three conjoined paintings, each depicting a different state: heaven, earth, and hell. The first painting (top) shows Christ as the image of the Father […]

The Gorgeous Dead – Jacob T. Reilly

               The Gorgeous Dead           A Poem for My Brother Peter When the air cuts you quick like Orion’s sword, Flickering, gleaming, brightly brandished stars, Hunt  the rimed heavens for Venus then Mars, Bodies that blaze in teeming crystal hordes Of Boreas, for if you stay awake And vigilant for long enough at night, The mortified blades, […]

See the Faith: Sts. Peter and Paul

   The features of St. Peter and St. Paul depicted in each of these four images adhere to some basic principles. Clearly each was intended to stay faithful to some other image, producing a trail of images leading to the first portrait of these holy men. The faces of the princes of the apostles were […]


Why Carry a Handkerchief? Handkerchiefs are pretty handy (pun intended). When you carry a hankie, you don’t have to hunt across the oceans of mankind just to find a tissue. You can mop your brow with it when you’re sitting on the front porch drinking mint juleps. You can even use it to wipe away […]

Chopping Wood

Saw this awesome way to chop wood. And all you need is a fairly short length of chain, a small, sturdy rubber belt, a fastener and a hefty-headed maul. If you don’t have a the chain or rubber belt, you can try some rubber tires. Some Facts: Because you are swinging an ax, many think […]

God’s Canvas (A picture Blog)

These were all taken from National Geographic and were voted the top pictures of 2013.


“Oh empty glory of human powers … In painting Cimabue thought to hold the field, and now Giotto has the cry, so that the other’s fame is diminished.” in 11th canto of Purgatory, Divine Comedy (1310-20) by Dante Alighieri The Italian painter Giotto di Bondone was born in Vespignano near Florence, where he died. He […]