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Hans Holbein’s “The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb” – Jacob T. Reilly

Ekphrastic poetry is poetry which comments on another piece of non-poetry art. In a sense, the musical arrangement of my Sonnet I, by John Henderson, which you can find in both The Song and The Poet section of this blog, can be considered an ekphrastic composition. The word “ekphrastic” comes from the greek word ἔκϕρασις, […]

Sonnet I – Jacob T. Reilly

I previously posted my most recent sonnet, Sonnet XXXV (I suppose 9 months ago isn’t very “recent,” but nonetheless it is the last sonnet I have written). Below is my first sonnet, and really the first poem I ever wrote. Written for my wife almost 5 years ago, my best friend and now brother-in-law, John […]