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Inventing the Powder

My heart was confused, my actions useless, I saw me incapable, and I thought I was capable of everything. I got disturb easily, attentive  of mocks and judgements, from those who will never do that, from those who love me. There wasn´t order, there wasn´t sense, the actions were not enough, thoughts didn´t fill me, […]

Natural Law Ain’t Nonsense

“[T]he light of natural reason, whereby we discern what is good and what is evil, which is the function of the natural law, is nothing else than an imprint on us of the Divine light.” – Summa Theologiæ [Part II, FP, Q. 91] Natural law is sometimes dismissed as just another religious theory, totally dependent […]

Classical music

As a student of composition, I am often asked, “what type of music do you write?” Typically I just say, “concert music,” meaning that I’m not a singer-songwriter and don’t write music for movies and video games. This usually leaves people perplexed, though. The music they’re accustomed to hearing in a concert hall is by […]

Pro-Life vs. Anti-Abortion

I am re-posting this from my own blog @ Today is the March For Life in Washington DC, so I thought that it might do well to take a look at the pro-life landscape for my first post. First of all, let me thank everyone who is defying the weather to make a stand […]

Baptizing the Culture

“And when [God] says, ‘Be not much with a strange woman,’ He admonishes us to use indeed, but not to linger and spend time with, secular culture.” – Clement of Alexandria, The Stromata, Book 1, Chapter 5 As Christians, we are asked to detach ourselves from secular culture, but still, we are also commanded to […]

Paintings of a Pope

Pope Alexander VI, the great-grandfather of St. Francis Borgia and one of the most prominent popes in history, is unfairly mistreated. The man was a defender of Jews, a steward of liturgy, a good leader, and the one who spread the Faith to South America. But all of this is, unfortunately, often overshadowed by his […]

Monomania & The Catholic Sensibility

In 1667 John Milton ascribed to man “the sanctity of reason,” that traditional human trait which relieves the human psychology of the “prone and brute” affects of other creatures: man stands erect, which means he is physically able to look toward both the heavens and the earth. Brutes, of course, have by nature only the […]