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Thoughts on Leisure, Smoke, and Beautiful Living

Brothers, This Christmas break I was blessed to be wed, and so did not write anything. So a re-introduction may be required–The fine folks at The Catholic Dormitory have graciously accepted my request to write occasional thoughts on the website. And, since I am a tobacconist (as well as a student), naturally I thought that […]

Cohiba, Red Dot Miniatures – Jacob T. Reilly

              In keeping with the latest addition to The Smoke section, I thought I would post my own review of a Cohiba product:     These “miniatures” from Cohiba are just that – miniature cigars. They are slightly larger in width and length than your typical cigarillo. These classy […]

La Gloria Cubana, Serie R – Jacob T. Reilly

I simply must try another one of these, because despite the multitude of glowing recommendations, this cigar was the occasion for my worst smoking experience. I think I may have just gotten a poorly constructed cigar. The pictures tell part of the story. I began by cutting the cap off of the cigar and lighting […]

Man O’ War – Ruination, Belicoso

Created by A.J. Fernandez Cigars, this is an excellent full-bodied smoke. My review of it is a little sub-par due to the fact that I was drinking a 15 year scotch while smoking it…sensory overload. Here are the specifications on this robusto cigar:   Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)Binder: NicaraguaFiller: Nicaragua, Honduras   Single Cap construction. This […]