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Vampires as Anti-Christ. (Or Why the World Needs the Church to Make Vampire Movies Good Again.)

I think that anyone with discerning taste recognizes that the quality of vampire fiction has fallen sharply, be it in books or in film. This video from has a very interesting take on it. * Language Warning * * Crudity Warning (I mean, it is about vampires as sex symbols…so obviously. (Of course so […]

A New Brave World

Once upon a time there were fairytales. Fairytales, alive in the minds of loving fathers, carry the imaginations of little children into the very depths of joy, beauty, adventure and responsibility.  The knight in shining armor rides into the face of danger, braving certain destruction, to save the kingdom from the fire-breathing dragon.  As he […]

Pro-Life vs. Anti-Abortion

I am re-posting this from my own blog @ Today is the March For Life in Washington DC, so I thought that it might do well to take a look at the pro-life landscape for my first post. First of all, let me thank everyone who is defying the weather to make a stand […]

Unto the Altar of My God

This is a story of a man’s journey, of my own journey, towards God. It will be told in parts, so the reader can experience it in a way that doesn’t promote boredom. Since this is a true story, the names of some of the people involved have been changed, so as not to praise […]

And Evening with Edgar Allan Poe

For you Halloween pleasure: some excellent literature and a wonderful performance.

Henry V: Saint Crispin’s Day

Today is the Feast of Saint Crispin, and the anniversary of the English victory at Agincourt. This is one of the most well known speeches written by Shakespeare, ranking right up with Anthony’s, ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ and Hamlet’s ‘To be or not to be.’

The Task Before Us

It is a saintly desire, and of the highest importance, to attract young people to love and live the Faith.  A very popular method is to provide a “fresh look” at the Faith by passing it off as compatible with the modern, secular cultural.  Using the modern culture as an attractant to the Faith is […]

The Festival and The Sacrifice: Part 1

If you have gone to Mass in the past forty years, the chances are excellent that you have encountered a Liturgy not up to a high standard of solemnity. Perhaps the priest spent five minutes making jokes. Maybe there was dancing, or puppets. Maybe there were simply a ridiculous number of children swarming the altar […]