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Vampires as Anti-Christ. (Or Why the World Needs the Church to Make Vampire Movies Good Again.)

I think that anyone with discerning taste recognizes that the quality of vampire fiction has fallen sharply, be it in books or in film. This video from has a very interesting take on it. * Language Warning * * Crudity Warning (I mean, it is about vampires as sex symbols…so obviously. (Of course so […]

Pro-Life vs. Anti-Abortion

I am re-posting this from my own blog @ Today is the March For Life in Washington DC, so I thought that it might do well to take a look at the pro-life landscape for my first post. First of all, let me thank everyone who is defying the weather to make a stand […]

Joesph: A poem by GK Chesterton

If the stars fell; night’s nameless dreams Of bliss and blasphemy came true, If skies were green and snow were gold, And you loved me as I love you; O long light hands and curled brown hair, And eyes where sits a naked soul; Dare I even then draw near and burn My fingers in […]

A Worthless Sonnet Here I Fling to You

A worthless sonnet here I fling to you, For no mere play of measured words in rhyme Could ever finish what I hope to do, Could speak His beauty, awful and sublime. When God decided on the seventh day To rest Himself, and all His labors quit, He took the pen that scribbled out His […]

And Evening with Edgar Allan Poe

For you Halloween pleasure: some excellent literature and a wonderful performance.

There is a looking glass beyond the sea

There is a looking glass beyond the sea That shows her subject many secret things, The things that are, the things that yet may be, And memories from long forgotten springs. Go looking for this mirror if you dare; It’s hidden underneath a castle wall. Go look indeed at beauties, rich and fair. But don’t […]

A Poetic Essay in a Style Distilled from the Collective Ideas of Shakespeare Pope Eliot Browning Barrett-Browning Keats and Dunne on the Aristotelian and Thomastic Concept of Being Applied (With Occasional Frivolousness) to a Number of Physical and Metaphysical Realities within the Sum of all Existence

“I do not think there is anyone who takes quite such a fierce pleasure in things being themselves as I do. The startling wetness of water excites and intoxicates me: the fieriness of fire, the steeliness of steel, the unutterable muddiness of mud. It is just the same with people…. When we call a man […]