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Catholicism and Fantasy

Today is the feast day of St. Severian, a martyr of the Fifth century AD, having taken part in the Council of Chalcedon, and thus the triumph of Orthodoxy. One of my favorite authors named the main character of his series ‘Severian,’ probably after the Saint. Other names he uses are Dorcas and Thecla, (really […]

Thoughts on Leisure, Smoke, and Beautiful Living

Brothers, This Christmas break I was blessed to be wed, and so did not write anything. So a re-introduction may be required–The fine folks at The Catholic Dormitory have graciously accepted my request to write occasional thoughts on the website. And, since I am a tobacconist (as well as a student), naturally I thought that […]


My name is Ross, and I’ve been taken on as a new writer for the Catholic Dormitory! An admirer of this website’s work, I have been following their posts for a while now, and decided that I would cast my lots with these fine gentlemen. I am in the academy–a PhD. student in Religious Studies […]