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The Dawn of Man

Spring night turns slowly awakening spring morn As Apollo drives the sun across the steel blue sky. And the grass cuddled ‘neath the springs maternal dew The sun lightens the path so worn as the age of man meanders by. Unlike the nimble-minded man of old, This new man’s imagination has run cold. O fool, who thinks himself […]

A New Brave World

Once upon a time there were fairytales. Fairytales, alive in the minds of loving fathers, carry the imaginations of little children into the very depths of joy, beauty, adventure and responsibility.  The knight in shining armor rides into the face of danger, braving certain destruction, to save the kingdom from the fire-breathing dragon.  As he […]

The Task Before Us

It is a saintly desire, and of the highest importance, to attract young people to love and live the Faith.  A very popular method is to provide a “fresh look” at the Faith by passing it off as compatible with the modern, secular cultural.  Using the modern culture as an attractant to the Faith is […]