The Dawn of Man

The Lament for IcarusSpring night
turns slowly awakening spring morn
As Apollo drives the sun across the steel blue sky.
And the grass cuddled ‘neath the springs maternal dew

The sun lightens the path so worn
as the age of man meanders by.
Unlike the nimble-minded man of old,
This new man’s imagination has run cold.

O fool, who thinks himself so wise
as not to glance back and wonder why?

True knowledge?
True strength?
What am I pursuing?
False reason?
False supremacy?
Is this all that there is?

Vigor lacking in his race, lost now as time expires
the strength of heart of man of old still bears life
upon our soul.

Who when they came of age, twenty minus two, had
knowledge of honor, bravery and war.

Apollo now at mid-flight
looks down upon this fallen man
And calls his ascent as he descends unto the land.

The end,
it does not reach its goal – that which man can be,
until he fills his role in wisdom, strength and piety.


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