Inventing the Powder

My heart was confused,

my actions useless,

I saw me incapable,

and I thought I was capable of everything.

I got disturb easily,

attentive  of mocks and judgements,

from those who will never do that,

from those who love me.

There wasn´t order,

there wasn´t sense,

the actions were not enough,

thoughts didn´t fill me,

love was ephemeral.

There wasn´t floor,

there wasn´t path,

there wasn´t walls,

there wasn´t roof,

there wans´t Truth.

So, yes,

I experiment my self without Truth,

I want to live in that Truth,

to have the humility to say “I don´t know”

to have the courage to let You come inside.

You are Truth,

You are Order,

You are the Sense,

You are my Home.


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