Oranges – A Poem for my Sister Madeline…

     A Poem for Madeline, my Loving Sister

ORANGES are sticky-sweet and oh so bright.
I think that God to make them plucked the sun
From off the sky so blue and at sunset’s light
Did squeeze and shake until the deed was done,
Until He juiced that luminary orb
And sprinkled droplets over earth below,
Whose trees’ leaves, tainted with fire tint, absorbed
The globs and turned them to the fruit we sow:
And that is why they need so much sun to grow.
So we should be like oranges, Madeline,
And like them, fruits of God’s sun, we should glow
In its…no, His…image and likeness: so fine
And bright on the outside (and not just for show),
But sweetly filled within as Christ designed.

                         from her brother Jacob, December 25th, 2013


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