Merry Christmas

A letter to ALL:

Dear Reader,

God, He is ineffable, inconceivable, invisible and incomprehensible. Through-out our prayer, in the pew or in our room, we should reflect on God being truly indescribable and unspeakable, unable to be thought of, unable to be seen and unable for a human to completely take in or comprehend the whole of God.

So when God willed to reveal Himself to us He truly became one of us and revealed Himself to us as a newborn infant. First, to His Mother and Father, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph, then to the shepherds and Magi, to His friends and disciples and now to you, to us. Contemplate the mystery of the eternal God as a newborn in a manger in a stable cave in Bethlehem.

God became comprehensible to you and I because He loves us. He is the Lover of the human race, He is Love. Some reject God’s Love, some are indifferent to God’s Love, and some are presumptive of God’s Love. For any who accept God’s Love and enter into a mystical marriage through the sacraments, and then work on this relationship, it is exciting and life giving, and, once experience, not to be ignored!

The ineffable, inconceivable, invisible and incomprehensible God makes a manifestation as a baby in humble circumstances. God continues to astonish and surprise. He now comes to us under the appearance of the most humble elements, bread and wine, food and drink, but hidden there is His Body and Blood to nourish and communicate with His Beloved, with us!

Just think of the Triune God’s infinite humility to be placed in a manger, a feeding troth for animals, to be born in a place called Bethlehem, meaning ‘House of Bread’. It is this loving humility that freed man from pride, and death, and sin. It is this flesh and this blood, born as an innocent babe, that carries every one of your sins to His Father for you, for me, so that we may share eternal life with Him.

When a man and woman have fallen in love they radiate that love. Everyone can see it. At Christmas everyone can see that we are in love with god. May we reflect the love of God to everyone and God’s love reflected through us will call others to the stable, and then to the Baptismal Font, and to the Holy Table (partaking of the Eucharist) – to every opportunity to spend time with the one who is the Lover of humanity.

Thank you all for your support and encouraging words. The Catholic Dormitory is proud and humbled to be a part of the new evangelization and your lives. May God, the Son, who exists eternally as the babe, as the crucified, and as the resurrected, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, give you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.

In Christ,

The Catholic Dormitory


This letter is inspired by the words of Father Basarab.


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