My name is Ross, and I’ve been taken on as a new writer for the Catholic Dormitory! An admirer of this website’s work, I have been following their posts for a while now, and decided that I would cast my lots with these fine gentlemen.
I am in the academy–a PhD. student in Religious Studies (specifically Modern Christianity in Thought and Popular Culture) in Texas. As such, I am bombarded constantly with anti-Catholicism and anti-Western thought ranging from gentle disregard to violent hatred. I have to be constantly on my guard against those who would use my faith to speak against my work, and have been looking for an outlet to share the Faith with brethren in the wider world, outside of academic work. It is possible to study religion in an academic manner while being fully a member of a particular religion, and the privilege is granted already to Hindus, Buddhists, Secularists, Atheists, Existentialists, and really any religion besides Christianity. Having defined itself against the claims of Christianity, the pseudo-secular, post-industrial, corporatist, transnational culture in which we reside, and the University system that subtends it, cannot even consider seriously the claims of the Church.
But I am a convert and I am so filled with joy at the blessings that Holy Mother Church has showered upon me. I wish to share, to share in the joy of beautiful thoughts, and of beautiful objects. So I thank the Catholic Dormitory for letting me join the team and hope to share a prayer, pipe, and pint with them someday. Outside the interwebs, I mean.

So, Prost! and Amen.



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