The Equality of Good in Being


“One thing must always be better than the other”

The statement is an interesting one. If you have two different objects, or persons, must one be better than the other? The answer can be found fairly simply by looking at man and woman. Two completely different beings, yet most certainly equal in the eyes of God. When you examine their abilities you see even greater intrinsic differences. A man can become a priest, and a woman can bear children. However, does difference mean inequality? I would say no, and that is because of the concept of being complimentary. Take a look at something as simple as a lock and a key, one keeps something locked and one locks and unlocks it. Lose the lock and you can no longer keep safe your belongings, but lose the key and you will no longer have your belongings. (also if you lose the key or lock before you lock anything, you are also in an unpleasant conundrum). Is it possible to determine which of these completely different objects is better than the other? No, because they are equal in what they must do and accomplish. The same applies to men and women, and many other things. In a more theological sense, there are three persons in the Trinity. In my opinion, it is absurd to say that just because one person is different than the other they are intrinsically unequal. The Father is equal to the Son and the Son to the Spirit, different but equal. Okay so that was the simple answer, the question goes much deeper than that.

More Thoughts… Good and Bad

Good and it’s residence in the inanimate and the animate goes far beyond observing the object, itself and it’s accidents. All things have multiple layers of being and meaning. For example, the problem of essence, substance and accidence when combined with a more specific purpose, circumstance and, depending on the object, the intention of the one acting upon it, creates a complicated formula to finding the good within an object. A thought came to my mind that said that if any object was Good, True and Beautiful, as seen by the eyes of God, it would be equal to all others. However, what I think now is that all things that fulfill their God given purpose in their respective WAYS (for man: know, love and serve God in all thoughts, words, deeds and omissions) are equal in the sense that they have been filled to the brim. What I mean by this can only be described in a metaphor. If you have three liquid holding apparatuses; a demitasse, stein and a large barrel; all of them are filled to the brim, yet they all have dramatically different capacities for holding whiskey, beer and cappuccinos. The demitasse can hold an extremely small portion of liquid, while the barrel can be fairly large. Now, imagine all of these objects are filled to the brim; they are all 100% full. Each and every one of them has fulfilled it’s purpose to literally the fullest and most perfect it possibly can without dwindling or over flowing. In this fulfillment, in being completely filled to the brim, all of the containers are equal. They are all 100% full. However, the greatest difference is the quantity in which they can hold, and the quantity that they do hold. The barrel holding more than the stein and the stein holding more than the demitasse. In my analysis is this difference of quantity of being 100% full is an intrinsic factor into the essence of Good in Being.

Following that thought: a blade of grass, a fish in the middle of the ocean, a rock and a human being all have different callings and purposes. God created all of these things and gave them an end. However, all of these things except for man do not have choice. We see that man has been given the world by God. Genesis 1:28 says “And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.” Man is given these physical and spiritual tools.  All of these tools, inanimate and animate, are with a purpose and a level of good that is in inherent from their creation. All these tools are filled to the “brim.” Ergo, man as the stewards of this earth have an amazing responsibility to do our best at making sure that we do not misuse these inherently good collections of atoms.

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  1. Jacob T. Reilly · · Reply

    A very nice engagement with this very complicated question…I agree wholeheartedly with you that the question is a complicated one. What makes it more complicated is that, when it comes down to it, human life can be seen as a series of value judgements, of deciding that some things are better than others. It is just very difficult, if not impossible, for individuals (and this is one reason why we need authoritative parents and teachers when we are young and why we need institutions of authority like the Church and state) to arrive at a universal standard of objectivity that can be applied to every judgement. It is also perhaps why we must become like children to enter the kingdom of Heaven. This question, whether something can always be said to be better than something else, can cause humans to fall into one of two extreme errors, which are both failures to engage the complexities of life: 1) the error of relativism and 2) the error of trying to impose a universally objective standard to all people, situations, and things.

  2. […] and men are equal in the sense that they are complementary, not plainly equal in all […]

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