The Pope and Infallibility

There have been many Popes through-out the long and constant history of Christ’s holy, catholic Church. And in this one of the traits that has amazed me is the Papal Infallibility. So allow me to tell you a story that I believe supports the Church’s believe, claim and knowledge.

The Tale of Pope Vigilius

It all began when the second successor of Boniface, Agapetus I (535-36), who appointed a a deacon namedVigilius as the papal representative (Apocrisiary) of Constantinople. Here Vigilius was sought out by the Empress Theodora, a Monophysite, who thought Vigilius could help her make the heresy church teaching. Vigilius had allegedly written letters to the deposed Monophysite patriarchs,about how he agrees with the views of the Monophysites.

She had a devious plot. She promised Vigilius large sums of money (700 pounds of gold) and the Papal See, so long as when he was in office he would declare the Monophysite heresy to be Catholic Truth and teaching. Vigilius agreed.

After Pope Agapetus’s death on the 22nd April, 536, Vigilius returned to Rome equipped with letters from the imperial Court and with money. And following from a serious of events, and some strong influence from the Byzantine Commander, Belisarius, Vigilius was elected pope and consecrated and enthroned on the 29th March, 537. To the Empress and the Satan, himself, it seemed as though the gates of hell were about to breach the Church that Christ had built upon kepha. But three years past and Vigilius made no efforts to reverse the teachings of the Magisterium. The Empress began to get furious, until finally, Vigilius felt himself obliged to take a stand in regard to Monophysitism. And that is exactly what he did in two letters sent to Constantinople. One of the letters was addressed to Emperor Justinian (husband of the Empress), the other to the Patriarch Menas. In both letters the pope denounces Monophysitism as heresy, and supports positively the Synods of Ephesus and Chalcedon.

Despite the gold, the power and his own belief as expressed in those letters. Vigilius was unable to profess untruth as truth. And the Gates of Hell could not prevail.

Here is a little Diagram of the Monophysite Heresy

Monophysite Heresy


The Monophysite Heresy -> LINK

So what is Papal Infallibility?


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