Conversion is difficult

specially at the beginning,

when you realize tiny pains

before you get scared,

when you see the blood on you.

It gets harder,

when you feel the wood at your back,

your arms and your legs,

and you don’t understand,

why you are there.

Pain gets more intense,

when you see your own hands nailed,

your feet mutilated and crushed in the wood,

and you scream, because you don’t know, yet,

why so much suffering, why the world left you,

why your “so called friends” left you.

Finally you see yourself…

a crucified man,

full of wounds,

spits and insults…


But, within all this chaos

and death of our “old man”,

you look at your right,

and find a man,

that bleeds with you,

that is nailed with you,

insulted with you,

and, as incredible as it may seem

he´s smiling to you.

“Dear friend, today you´ll be with me in heaven”

you understand now, that you weren’t the nailed person,

it was your vice, poisoned illusions,

all that lie you thought you were,

now you understand why the suffering,

because of that Love,

for the death of that Man,

for him, who smiles to you,

don’t die in vane.

And you realize,

that all the chaos,

were just few days, months or years,

that  Friendship and the Love

are waiting for you to live  Eternity.

Conversion is difficult,

you need to die and live,

suffer and laugh,

you need to open your arms on the cross,

and hug the world just like He did,

but trust me,

It’s worth it.



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