A Catholic Gentleman’s Manifesto

A Catholic Gentleman’s Manifesto:

  1. We first strive to remain faithful and loyal to Our Holy Mother Church, the Mystical Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Magisterium, the Vicar of Christ, and the One Triune God.
  2. We strive to know, love and serve Christ in all of our thoughts, words, deeds and omissions.
    1. The Pint, The Pipe, The Cross. (In our luxuries as well as when we are in the pew.)
    2. The Good, The True, The Beautiful.
  3. We ask for forgiveness and we repent of our sins voluntary and involuntary.
  4. We strive to shine the light of Christ, to be His instrument, in all things.
    1. To preach God’s gospel always, and when necessary use words.
  5. We strive to heal our own wounds, and do our own work.
  6. We seek liberation from the ego.
  7. We strive to build a world that works for Christ, and thus for everybody.
  8. We dare greatly in pursuit of Christ’s vision for us.
    1. To unite our vision with Christ’s.
    2. To renounce status-seeking in favor of a purpose-driven life.
  9. We strive for emotional control, emotional maturity, emotional chastity.
  10. We strive for competence in violence in harmony with competence in non-violence.
    1. Both Spiritually and Physically.
  11. We give up divided attention so that we may practice Presence.
  12. We refuse to bow; to fear of economic scarcity.
    1. We refuse to worship the false idols of money, success and careers.
  13. Women are not the source of our problems.
  14. We live chivalrous lives, with unending respect for women, our co-creators of mankind.
    1. Women and men are equal in the sense that they are complementary, not plainly equal in all things.
  15. We take on the responsibility for our sins and the sins of those we have failed.
    1. We take personal responsibility for the state of our souls and the souls within our care.
      1. The souls we scandalize and the souls that are brought closer to Christ, by Christ through us.
      2. Through the sake of HIS sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.
  16. We understand at last what true Wealth is, and where it comes from.
    1. The physical, the mental and most importantly the spiritual.
  17. Morality is our daily habit: we exercise generosity, maintain strong determination, make diligent and sustained effort, give selfless Love, tell the Truth in all cases and all ways, discipline ourselves, show tolerance, seek wisdom, practice renunciation, and cultivate equanimity.
  18. We address all of the problems we are capable of solving.
  19. We will not turn against our Brothers.
  20. And we cannot turn against or shy from protecting and providing for those in need.
  21. We are for the integrity of the interconnected individual who, listening to the passions of their hearts and the wisdom of their intellect finds the courage to act in the name of the Christ with the sign of the Cross in all things.


Further summary (written by Dominic Vieira):

We as Catholics, strive to express faith in the Triune God, have undying loyalty to the Church of Christ, the Bishop of our Church and the Vicar of Christ. We are dedicated to living the life of Christ in all things: in obedience and in self-determination, in silence and in speech, in action and inaction, in prayer and in work, in foresight and in execution, in defense and in attack, in gentle and unyielding strength, in spreading the Gospel to all nations, and in suffering all things as He has done before us;

To defend His Bride, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church in all that is Her Doctrine, and to obey in all that is Her discipline;

To foster in our nation, wheresoever it be, a desire for truth, justice, unity, and faith;

To Honor all men as alter Christi;

To Defend all women as the daughters of Mary and Brides of the Holy Spirit;

And To work as Saint Joseph and the community of Saints: grateful to God for our success and responsible to Him for our failures, mindful of our weakness, our imminent death and judgment, yet ever-hopeful in the promise of His redeeming Blood.

Trusting in the Providence of Christ, and the Magnanimity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, We entrust this purpose, this desire to be Catholic Gentlemen of Faith, Integrity, and Honor to God, the Source of all that is Good.


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