Beervent Calendar aka The Advent Beerlendar

When you were a kid, you looked forward to getting that advent Calendar on the days before Christmas. Taking each day just one chocolate at a time. Yet alas, you are not a kid anymore. But does that mean you cannot partake in the joys that come with patiently waiting every day of December for the coming of Christ?


We at the Catholic Dormitory say “nay.” As an adult, your tastes are more refined. Even though most of us still like chocolate, on average we have a new mistress, and her name is Whiskey, Gin and Beer.

The Drinks by the Dram have created a wonderful Whisky Calendar. And honestly, it looks fantastic with “each of the 24 doors is a different 3cl sample of delicious whisky! We’ll keep the contents a surprise, but we can tell you that behind one of the doors is a sample of 50-year old Scotch whisky, the full-sized bottle of which is worth £350! ($240).” In addition, they also have something for those that might not be the biggest whisky drinkers. That is the Ginvent Advent Calendar, inspired by The Gin Blog. Same idea, just with 24 bottles of 3cl samples of gin.

But hold up, hold up… “how much do these things cost? It sound like lot for a lad fresh out of college/still in college,” you say. Well do not fret dear reader, the Catholic Dormitory will save your Christmas with something you can make at home: The Beervent Calendar.

This could be as easy or difficult as you’d like to make it, all depends on your access to tools. If tools includes power drills, great! Or if it means a big black Sharpie and scissors, that’ll work too. Below are a couple examples:

From Rethink Crafts

From Rethink Crafts

From the Brew Site

From the Brew Site

From the Dallas Observer

Instructions for the Impaired

Most beer advent calendars are made from cardboard shipping tubes and a poster board printout.


  • hobby knife
  • white glue
  • duct tape

  • packing tubes
  • poster print
  • lots of beer

Get your tubes from a printing house that uses these tubes to ship large posters. You can buy two for about $10. Take measurements of the beer diameter before purchasing, to ensure they would fit inside with some room to spare. Beverage cans in North America are typically 4.5″ high x 2.4″ diameter. Your tubes can be about 3″ in diameter, and each tube can be cut into 5″ long sections using a sharp hobby knife. With your 2 tubes you should have enough for 24 equal sections and two small remaining portions that can be glued together to make 24 evenly high tube sections.

After cutting glue 4 rows of 6 and let the glue dry completely. Then stack the rows on top of each other, staggered; resulting in a tidy matrix of tubes.  Here are some pictures:

So that is about it. Send us some pictures of your own. IF you so please. God Bless.


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