Mugshots from the 1920s

So just a little while ago I posted about how the current apparel that many college students choose to employ is not exactly original. I also gave some suggestions as to how one could dress in a classier fashion (READ).

Here are some great examples of ways to dress from some crazy criminals. If these guys can dress classy, so can you.

The top image features a Mr. William Stanley Moore, whose chief infraction was apparently bringing sexy back without a permit. Oh, and drug dealing. Just kidding, fake drug dealing. Yes, this was what the bottom-rung, sell-gullible-teenagers-bags-of-oregano drug dealers looked like in the Roaring ’20s.

The second image is the official mugshot of William Cahill, taken in 1923. I kind of see this as a classy whiskey or cigar ad, what do you think?

The third photo is of the two most insane looking men. Their names are recorded as De Gracy and Edward Dalton. Their crimes were not recorded, but I’m suspecting it had to be something a little more serious than fake drug dealing, judging by De Gracy’s skeletor eyes and Dalton’s facial scar.

As for the rest, I will just show you the pictures. If you do some research on these guys be sure to share with us in the comments. God Bless.


One comment

  1. Turns out E. Falleni is actually a woman. (sixth picture down). Learning this blew my mind.

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