The Originality of College

So being a blogger, I need to be up to date on all of the ridiculous things and jargon that is posted and re-posted on the inter-web. In this, I found something that deeply saddens me and that is the picture below:

I would like to title this image “The Originality of the Modern College Student.” There is none. It was seeing this that inspires me to write you all a post about the things that you should wear when you go out. Things that are more guidelines and allow for creativity in dress to grow. Afterall, if you are not right in the thread – how can you be right in the head?

Guidelines for Apparel

Things you should always wear when you go out on the town:

  1. A sports blazer/jacket
    1. As a college gentlemen, or any gentleman, it does not matter the weather (because if it is too hot,you can always take it off and sling it over your shoulder), you always want to bring along with you a classic jacket. Something that is durable, and has plenty of stylish and almost hidden pocket. You will need these pockets to carry your handkerchief, a notepad and other nick-nacks that you cannot fit in your trouser pockets. However, the most important and valuable reason to have a jacket is because when it rains and you are escorting a young lady home, you will be able to take off your jacket and hold it over her. Other instances like this also include wrapping her in your jacket when the night is a little chilly.  [Leather Jacket, Sports Blazer, Blazer]
  2. Shoes
    1. I don’t know exactly what brands of shoes exist, and the brand doesn’t matter at all when it comes to clothing or shoes. What you want is somethings that will fit, and when it comes to shoes there are some short and sweet important things that must be considered. 1) You want to be able to run in them. 2) You want them to be durable, possibly made of a strong leather. 3) Grip. You want your shoes to hold steady. :SideNote: Try to get something waterproof
  3. Always Wear a Button Up Shirt
    1. Alright now the guys in the picture above definitely go this memo… but nothing else. You want a button up shirt because 1) You can role up your sleeves or role them down. 2) You can always put a sweet bow tie or regular tie on if the occasion demands. 3) You can un-button the top two buttons without looking like a loser in a ridiculously low-cut v-neck. 4) It is a shirt for all occasions.
  4. Pants
    1. You want to wear pants because it is not really that hot, you can suck it up. A nice pair of jeans, corduroys, slacks or khakis. Just keep it simple. Your pants should not be ridiculously skinny, or way too baggy. Keep it slim fit, and the good thing about pants is because if the occasion demands you can always role up your pant legs when you are voyaging across a river.
  5. A Blet or Suspenders
    1. Since you are wearing pants, you don’t just want belt loops showing. So be sure to either put on a nice steardy leather belt or pair of strong suspenders. Perferably suspenders, because you know whent the action starts and the night gets a little more casual you can just toss them down to your sides, and you know that looks damn good.
  6. A Watch
    1. Something that keeps the time other than your phone. You want your watch, whether you have something with style on your wrist, or a pocket watch. Personally, I would go for the pocket watch, it is something that can go with all occasions and adds to the preciousness of time keeping without being time pressed.
  7. Laddio Cap (Ivy Cap)
    1. Now your hat doesn’t have to be a Laddio Cap, it can sometimes be a bowler cap, pork pie hat, top hat, fedora, knit cap, or perhaps even an akubra or beret. The point of the hat is to stay warm and to wave as a fan to keep cool. Be careful though gentlemen, always take off your cap when in doors or when first meeting or greeting a lady.
  8. Seasonal and Circumstantial
    1. Scarf
      1. Keeps you warm. Looks Good.
    2. Gloves
      1. Keeps you warm, and can protect your hands from a heavy duty work load.
    3. Tie or Bow tie (always self tied)
      1. Looks Damn Good.
    4. Shillelagh or Umbrella
      1. If you are ever in the mood for a walking stick, make sure to grab an umbrella or a shillelagh. The umbrellas is more multi-purpose, but perhaps you are in a bad neighbor and you may need to either break up a fight or keep someone in their place.

Listen, even those these guidelines are specific, they are guidelines. Just dress for the occasion, and don’t be a blue buttoned up, tan short sheep.




  1. Zac Davis · · Reply

    Well said. Reminds me of an article a friend wrote

    1. The thursday collective is such a great blog!

  2. I always wear a blet.

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