Incorruptible Corpses

As a Catholic (or anyone), you can believe in it or not, you can have doubts about it, but they do exist and this is a fact. Their existence is contrary to all laws of nature. The riddle of the preservation of these corpses is not solved today. There is only a scientific hypothesis that these bodies were kept in rooms with such a composition of air, in which the processes of body’s decay is very much slowed down.

Here are some pictures and below is a video:


EXTRA INFORMATION: Saints like Bernadette of Lourdes are given a wax face cover on top of their faces. When their bodies were first exhumed, decomposition accelerated like normal. Due to the fact that partially rotten corpses look disgusting, folks decided to put a wax mask that depicted how the face looked when the body was first exhumed. St Bernadette was not the only one to receive this treatment.

Saints like Francis Xavier [warning: corpse picture], who is still considered incorruptible despite severe decomposition, are more accurate depictions of what these saints look like (as rotting corpses). The big component is that the saints:

  1. Are in a state of decomposition that, scientifically, should make no sense given how long they’ve been dead
  2.  Were not mummified or otherwise preserved.

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