Lost & Found

Teething at the thoughts of this lost civilization,
Walking on the sand, soaked with the blood from forced lacerations.
The pagan gods, they scream and come back to the scene
Every time the sun goes back under the earth to dream.

I walked this dirt, and I saw the bone–
The bones among bones, barred to be never alone.
Evidence of a lost empire, set to worship the moon and sun;
Conquered by the steel man, carried by his gun.

Gun powdered blast, felt by no rationality,
Fear strikes the heart of the native who caught the infirmity.
And slowly a people go, but saved by the mix–
A merger of peoples that started first with nothing but sticks.

And as the years went on, and the True God appeared–
Appeared to a man that was feeble and struck by fear
With memories of a woman crushing a serpent from hell,
Until the day came when from the tilma, roses fell.

So by the multitudes, it was by the glory of the Mater
That they lined up for miles just to be baptized by water
In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit–
It is time to let go of the reins and let Heaven steer it.


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