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And Evening with Edgar Allan Poe

For you Halloween pleasure: some excellent literature and a wonderful performance.

There is a looking glass beyond the sea

There is a looking glass beyond the sea That shows her subject many secret things, The things that are, the things that yet may be, And memories from long forgotten springs. Go looking for this mirror if you dare; It’s hidden underneath a castle wall. Go look indeed at beauties, rich and fair. But don’t […]

A Poetic Essay in a Style Distilled from the Collective Ideas of Shakespeare Pope Eliot Browning Barrett-Browning Keats and Dunne on the Aristotelian and Thomastic Concept of Being Applied (With Occasional Frivolousness) to a Number of Physical and Metaphysical Realities within the Sum of all Existence

“I do not think there is anyone who takes quite such a fierce pleasure in things being themselves as I do. The startling wetness of water excites and intoxicates me: the fieriness of fire, the steeliness of steel, the unutterable muddiness of mud. It is just the same with people…. When we call a man […]

Henry V: Saint Crispin’s Day

Today is the Feast of Saint Crispin, and the anniversary of the English victory at Agincourt. This is one of the most well known speeches written by Shakespeare, ranking right up with Anthony’s, ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ and Hamlet’s ‘To be or not to be.’

I built a palace on the coastal sand

I built a palace on the coastal sand With towers hanging o’er the crashing sea, It was the throne I dreamt that it would be. I thought I’d found my home and native land. But as the Sun sank lower in the west It freed the winds of the Black Orient, And every stone was […]

The Danger of Absolute Empiricism

As we have moved along the timeline of history, humans have come to rely more and more on science to explain our world. There has been a gradual shift away from the metaphysical sciences towards the pure and “objective” physical sciences. A lot of people nowadays would say that a scientist is most likely smarter […]

Spelunking – Jacob T. Reilly

     Spelunking Give me amnesia. Lifeis lived in the forgetting, notas that sage man, in the world’s youthonce thought, in remembrance.The world’s a cave, into whichthe entering is all the differenceand not the emergence fromas I once thought.It’s what we make of darkness, notas a space for us to bring the light,but as a […]