The Cohiba Exquisitos

This past friday I was blessed with the opportunity to be gifted a Cohiba that had been rolled in Habana, Cuba. Yes, gentlemen this past Friday I partook of the forbidden fruit, a Cuban Cigar.

I did not take a look at the label to much, but if I had to guess it was specifically a Exquisitos (by Cohiba). The wrapper was smooth and had some visible veins on the surface, but had a very nice color. It was a golden-tan shade and a slightly darker (not that much darker)  bunching of filler leaves at the foot of the cigar. Clipping the opposite end (I did this with scissors, due to lack of clip) revealed the same familiar pattern of “bunched” filler leaves at the head which immediately revealed a very earthy (manure) aroma of  the tobacco.

The draw was alright. In the start it was difficult to get out some smoke, and it really demonstrated the effort that goes into cigar appreciation. As time progressed the draw became very easy and the smokes thickness increased dramatically, however, the flavor remained generally constant. The burn wasn’t 100% stable, but it always self-corrected. Finally, the ash wasn’t really impressive, and did not last more than a centimeter.

Flavor-wise, it was very fitting for a poker night and tasted well. As for the light, it only went out when I had been focusing on the poker game for an extended period of time, or had to go make a phone call. Through-out the smoke I noticed multiple flavors, possibly some cedar notes and some on and off of a nutty flavor. All and all, the cigar was very earthy.

I would recommend to smoke this cigar, and I hope you can one day enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. Jacob T. Reilly · · Reply

    One of my friends brought back for me a box of 10 of these from the Dominican Republic as a wedding gift. I relished each one; they are excellent sticks.

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