La Gloria Cubana, Serie R – Jacob T. Reilly

I simply must try another one of these, because despite the multitude of glowing recommendations, this cigar was the occasion for my worst smoking experience. I think I may have just gotten a poorly constructed cigar. The pictures tell part of the story. I began by cutting the cap off of the cigar and lighting up. The draw was absolutely terrible. I cut a little bit more off the end…still terrible. Fed up, I finally cut off the entire end of the cigar….no better. By this time, the cigar was already half “smoked” and I still hadn’t gotten a decent mouthful of smoke out of it.

Cutting more and more didn’t help it draw any better, so I tried to bore out the center a little with my pipe tool….to no avail. Ultimately, this cigar had such a terrible draw that I was not able to get any sense of flavor. When I reached the last third, the entire wrapper disintegrated (despite the fact that it had been kept well humidified). This broke the camel’s back, and I killed it early—something I rarely ever do.


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