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Apologetics – Jacob T. Reilly

Apologetics “I’m sorry for the words I used.” His apology for what he’d done was one of adultery. In it, the realization of words as the constant cleaving of this from to that, he and she, came in the form of genesis. Her exodus from the room was not without assurance Of return, but what […]

There Comes A Time – Jacob T. Reilly

There Comes A Time There comes a time so like the times before when the diseased dove croaks its last coo and the live-oak stills dead so like the times before but for the will to live a time to dig one’s roots deeper still quell the blight by forcing one more heart beat to […]

Cohiba, Red Dot Miniatures – Jacob T. Reilly

              In keeping with the latest addition to The Smoke section, I thought I would post my own review of a Cohiba product:     These “miniatures” from Cohiba are just that – miniature cigars. They are slightly larger in width and length than your typical cigarillo. These classy […]

The Task Before Us

It is a saintly desire, and of the highest importance, to attract young people to love and live the Faith.  A very popular method is to provide a “fresh look” at the Faith by passing it off as compatible with the modern, secular cultural.  Using the modern culture as an attractant to the Faith is […]

An Atrean Femicide – Jacob T. Reilly

          An Atrean Femicide “Make me a Hercules,” the popstar sang Trusting to synthesizers, radio, Mixing, mastering, engineers, sound booths In isolation, and of course Disney’s Digital animation, for rhetoric Or possibly just catchiness, Circe’s, Sirens’ song. “I was meant to be a warrior,” A crooning Clytaemnestra, she mouthed the mic Like a harlot her lipstick. […]

The Muses

The hand that dips the nib into the ink Must first be practiced in a saintly art ‘Till all the hosts of Heaven see and think That Goodness found a home within his heart. And still the poet must not touch the page Until he finds fair Truth along the way And Reason helps the […]

Hans Holbein’s “The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb” – Jacob T. Reilly

Ekphrastic poetry is poetry which comments on another piece of non-poetry art. In a sense, the musical arrangement of my Sonnet I, by John Henderson, which you can find in both The Song and The Poet section of this blog, can be considered an ekphrastic composition. The word “ekphrastic” comes from the greek word ἔκϕρασις, […]