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On Borgoglio’s Choosing – Jacob T. Reilly

On Borgoglio’s Choosing – 3/13/13 – O seagulls, standing on this windy strand of land, do you know him who fed you by hand, or care, you modern birds, for this augered act of election? Let us hope for no more pacts with the world. Rise—you squadrons, wheeling fast, so jesuitical in your squealing—past your […]

The Festival and The Sacrifice: Part 1

If you have gone to Mass in the past forty years, the chances are excellent that you have encountered a Liturgy not up to a high standard of solemnity. Perhaps the priest spent five minutes making jokes. Maybe there was dancing, or puppets. Maybe there were simply a ridiculous number of children swarming the altar […]

If Rain Were To Turn Crystal – Jacob T. Reilly

    If Rain were to Turn Crystal If rain were to turn crystal in the air— When the dove coos, grey squirrels on the branches stare, And the sun overwhelms the vernal sky Precipitous with pregnant import—and cry Diamonds, like graupel, on the muddy ground, We would want To read them like some prophetic font— […]

A Whispered Call

A whispered call, no more, to serve my God Within the Sacred Body of His Son. Shall I in quiet cloister Glory nod, Or bless his flock whene’er the mass is done? Am I the hands to heal or knees to kneel, The tongue to tell or feet to follow fast, His triumph, majesty and […]

Sonnet XXXV (The Nocturnal Sonnets) – Jacob T. Reilly

The Nocturnal Sonnets Sonnet XXXV Gifted an apple once, I took its sheen into my hand and breathed upon its skin then rubbed the steam—condensed, so wet and thin a film of beady moisture—from off its plain, red, and round surface; never had I had this fruit before. A blemish by the stem was soggy […]

Benedictine School (A History)

Hello, I am Daniel Collins. I am greatly looking forward to writing to you all here at The Catholic Dormitory. I am a poet, and you can expect some of my poetry here on this page. But right now I would like to talk a little shop. There were two prongs to the great modernist […]

April Storms – Jacob T. Reilly

April Storms The time of trimming trees is not yet here And while the rains still pour we let them grow; Crowding their branchy limbs without a care, The twigs burst bud on bud along each bough. But some day soon when the slaking sun seethes hot, We’ll come with ladders and clip the crisping […]